Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Private posts

Sometimes I write blog posts, and then don't publish them straight away.
I click save, thankful just to get those thoughts down somewhere.
Some things are too raw, too personal for immediate attention from whoever reads these posts, whoever you may be.
I like to think I am safe here, safe from judgement. Although I don't write anything nasty, or controversial, or about others without changing names and places - I do think what I write here is very real to me. I give out a little of my mind and soul each time, quite careless as to who ends up reading it.
and yet...sometimes I am not ready to share everything, some things are just for me for a little while.

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Missing Connie again. poem

Missing Connie again today
while I search to find my way back home
The Tower is nothing like I thought it would be
and how much I wish I'd been wrong.
But the road I hoped to follow
eludes me even now
the breadcrumbs have all gone
that a year ago I left out
Home is just another childish dream
hidden now under a lost plant pot
and Connie is no where to be seen

Friday, 19 May 2017

The Darkest Corner . poem

Into the darkest corner
Is where my heart goes
Like a child in a blanket
hidden beneath the shadows.
Some things I don't tell anyone,
kept strictly inside myself
and in this place, I retreat
to find my lost self,
and forgotten promises, I made to me
a long time ago
when all my dreams were of trains and roads,
How little I used to know.