Friday, 17 February 2017

Grace poem


Did I not forward you my new address?
Did I leave without a word?
Because for months you've not found me out?
I wonder if you know where I am.
In this life, surrounded by such uncertainty
like a cancer, waiting dormant
never sure if it is me.
I write to you, like my oldest friend
wait for you to lead me back
where we came from, no not there.
Where we were going,
which we too often forget.
We were going somewhere Grace,
you and I, we mapped out a course
in a street light sky
When did everything start to feel so hard
shouldn't we have been there now?
Have we really come this far?
I've not forgotten you, though it seems that way
this life I have, it's taken me away
but I'm still here, on the windowsill
Fifteen years old, waiting still.

Reality Poem

The Fault in our natures,
a drawer full of dreams,
plans and expectations they build in our Teens
for what reason -all these lies
do they now try to hide
we've been conned and led astray
by the untruth of youth
and the reality of age.

Unable to pretend for long
the fa├žade will soon dissolve
ripples in a river, lost to the current
of everlasting certainty,
for here in this moment
we accept responsibility -this is our own fault.

Once Again. Poem

And once again, here we are
on the edge of something ordinary and sad
sentimental and therefore ignored
just hormones, just the way it is
Once again, we carry on
Another nights sleep.

Once again, same old
get used to it they say,
if they say anything at all.
No road map printed for this
Only a one way ticket,
cash it in the whole way or walk back
I'll start walking I think.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Valentines poem for Amy-friend

There's love that's stronger than a Clintons card
Memories better than over-prices.
On Valentines I prefer to remember
Our Friendship for a lifetime.
One day when we're married
to two old rich guys- with a private plane
and plotting the death of our spouses
We'll look back at these days...
because even though we move apart
We stay in each others hearts
When Valentines is at an end
there's no love, like the love between best friends.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Grown up poem

I haven't really written anything in months
Can't seem to open the file or
look too long at this screen
I miss the pond- I miss my wall,
though it's been quite a while
since I lost those things.
I wonder what Clent looks like right now-
daffodils probably.
So often up there before
and now I can't remember the walk.
I miss nineteen, lost as I am
caught up in grown up thoughts
Somewhere along the line
life turned us around
and being all grown up isn't all that fun
everything important just fades to the background.

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Into the Mist poem

Into the mist
here I go again
Walking blindly onwards
Why don't these street lamps light the way?
Did they ever before?
I thought they did-
once when a shooting star
was my motorway wish.
I look from my window
but the night is absolute
The M5 feels miles away now
Forgotten by Junction two
but once there was a child
who we've left in the past
who wished for this
and is now wishing it back.

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Home Alone poem

Turn off the lights
there's no one home
lock all the doors
no one will know
keep closed away
that's well enough
and no one will knock
or know you're alone